I don't know about you but I personally am over winter by now. But since the temperatures really cling to the colder month still, what is a better way to get in that spring mood than discovering the newest trends for the upcoming season and be prepared as soon as it's getting warmer?

Back from the 60's and already seen on many runways and influencers worldwide is the watercolor-like print, or better technique, tie-dye. Now you might think "that's way to hippie for me!" but don't worry, it comes in so many color and style variations that I'm optimistic everyone can find a piece fitting their personal style.

Regarding some specific color trends for spring I have to mention yellow and coral. Although yellow already made some appearances during this winter it will be even more around during spring because when temperatures rise again we'll naturally be drawn to light and bright colors like this one.
And for coral do I need to say more than Pantone? I'm sure you all know that Pantone's color of the year is "Living Coral" and these yearly chosen colors always find their way into fashion. I think coral is also a great alternative to classic red!

Credit to this trend definitely goes to Victoria Beckham, who introduced this trend in her Spring '19 collection. And it's safe to say she created a major need for this particular style of pants. The slit on them really elongates your legs and makes these trousers super flattering. Not so flattering though may be their price point. BUT other brands already made similar versions of these pants and I'm sure we'll see them on the high street soon.

"But strappy sandals are nothing new" I here you say? Alright, I need to be more specific. A big trend for spring are sandals with thin straps, therefore called "floss-sandals". See the difference? They often come with heels too. In my opinion these barely-there shoes complete spring looks perfectly and are a great way of showing some skin when the temperatures don't really allow skirts or dresses just yet.

So this trend is self-explanatory as I'm sure you all agree. Think of paisley, fringes, cowboy boots and flowy dresses. With boho-style clothes you really can't go wrong since it's a trend that keeps coming back, not just in time for Coachella. It's part of this feeling you get during the warmer month of freedom and ease.


That's it for now! I hope you enjoyed reading my summary of these top 5 trends for spring and find beautiful new pieces for the upcoming season!

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